Makoa Sports

Makoa Sports, a brand designed for an audience that seeks the best performance at an affordable price without discarding manufacturing quality and performance.

Makoa Sports

Equipments for Stand Up Paddle Surf

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In Makoa we have made a huge effort for 2015, renewing and expanding our range of boards. All models have been redesigned while we improved and increased range.

Makoa Sports Development

Line Makoa Sports

We have worked very hard to improve the shapes and get a very homogeneous line and diverse to meet the needs of any type of practitioner whatever their level, weight and program. We also changed the factory to get a better final quality of manufacture and methods, achieving super lightweight tables and more resistant because it our costs have been increases which have not reflected in sale prices keeping our line of quality / price / performance so Makoa remains one of the best options on the market with a price and excellent equipment in single tables with Bamboo, fins and founded and complete packs with full carbon paddle and leash!/p>

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Makoa Sports
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